I’m not a player… I just crush a lot

I have a confession…

For the first 20 years of my life, I suffered from something plaguing millions of other men.

(and more women than you’d think)

It’s called “nice guy syndrome”.

I’d put women on a pedestal (trying to keep it clean), and bend over backwards (still trying) and do anything for attention to try and “win them over”…

… ultimately losing site of my own worth in the chase of someone else’s perceived worth.

Truth is, this happens all day to other guys. Which explains why the dating and relationships market accounts for billions of dollars in revenue each year.

What it all boils down to is this:

Knowing the “rules” of “the game”.

(Before you get all worked up, I don’t think of myself as a “player” in either sense – although I tend to have a new crush every week – and I don’t recommend or condone you “playing” others – especially your customers)

Yesterday I explained why I’m taking down one of my most popular guides on list building.

(as a quick recap, I’m starting a new site targeted at podcasters wanting to grow their email list or start a show that converts listeners into leads and sales)

And it got me thinking…

A lot of people online these days advocate for making a “killer ebook” available for people to opt-in.

Now, I’m not completely against the idea.

After all, many of my posts offer a content upgrade to get readers to opt-in. And I offer a guide across my site that helps get your first 100 subscribers.

But depending your goal, a free ebook may not start the relationship off on the right foot – which was the mistake I was making in my chase to find “the one”.

Have you heard this before?…

“good guys finish last”

Regardless of your interpretation, most guys try being the “nice guy” women say they want, and end up getting run over by them and the guy they’re *actually * attracted to.

That’s why you have to be certain that your main opt-in (and other offers) on your site set you up for success.

If you always offer free content, you’re attracting people in large that will keep wanting help for free and end up taking advantage of you and your time.

Some of them may buy down the road…

but most people will download and save your opt-in in their dropbox graveyard.

(full of other ebooks they’ve never opened or take action on)

Because people just don’t value “free” like they do when they have something on the line.

And it’s why guys put themselves in a position to constantly be taken advantage of.

So take a gander at how your site and business is setup, and ask yourself if it’s helping your audience while also impacting your bottom line.

Any who…

I’m pulling my list-building guide that walks you through how to use SMS calls to action to grow your list.

It’s made for podcasters.

But works perfect from the stage and even on video for getting buckets of leads at a time.

If you want it before I take it down and start charging for it, then get it here:

How To Use Your Podcast To Build Your Email List

Jeremy Montoya

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