Giving thanks to wally world and CompUSA

People all over the US are gearing up for one of our biggest holidays:

Black Friday.


But let’s be honest…

Our tradition of “giving thanks” (regardless of the truth of Thanksgiving or the reality of what pilgrims actually experienced) has been hijacked by corporations who exploit strong emotional triggers to get you to spend every last penny on low-quality goods.

We’ll see lines (probably starting today) taking form at big-box retailers, news segments of grandmas being trampled over in wally world, and many mid-income families blowing money they don’t have.

(how’s that for some holiday cheer?)

I remember when these hot sales lasted only for day, and the best sales only went on for the first hour or two…

Which caused mass hysteria at your local CompUSA.

(simpler times)

Since these big sales are “limited time only”, it causes a change in the human mind that inspires action by leveraging one of the most powerful psychological buttons known to man:


And that’s what I see missing from most peeps trying to make a living online.

They publish something and just say, “go get it now”.

If you know something is always going to be available…

Why would you drop everything you’re doing and take action?

Exactly. You wouldn’t.

You know…

When I started growing my business online, I started by writing long-from posts with “action guides” that were mini-courses for podcasters.

Since then, we’ve added video creators, real estate agents, bloggers, freelancers, and many others to the mix…

Well in the coming weeks, we’ll be spinning off the podcast services I offer (which bring in a big bulk of my income still) into a site of it’s own.

That way we can we can laser-focus the message and best serve that market.

I may do more “mini-course” style content in the future, but what’s working (based on feedback from you) are these emails with lessons and tips to help you grow your email list and business.

Since I’ll be moving the specific “podcast talk” to another site, I’ve decided to retire some of those long-form posts from the past (that are still applicable) and to revamp them for the new website.

My most popular post (how to use SMS marketing to grow your email list with a podcast) is coming down this week.

So you should go get it now, and the downloadable Playbook, while it’s still free.

(see how I did that?)

Go get it before it comes down:

How To Use Your Podcast To Build Your Email List

Jeremy Montoya

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