So what if The Fonz is social media famous?

There’s someone asleep on each side of me as I sit on the plane runway headed towards San Francisco.

I’ll tell you why in a second…

You know, I think it’s hilarious that people always ask if I have something against social media.

(As if I’m not using in my own business to get leads and sales)

And, I guess I do have a bone to pick…

See, I’ve had multiple people come my way who want help growing their list (or strengthening opens, CTR’s, and sales of their products and services) and inevitably I start asking questions about ‘the numbers’.

In my approach, I’m methodical about measuring results to track growth, so I have to ask things like:

  • how many people are already on your list?
  • what’s your revenue goal in your business?
  • how many people register, show up to your events live, watch your replays, and convert into customers (for webinars and the like)

… and a few other questions that help me determine the best way I can help (and if they’re even a fit for my services).

I don’t ask because I’m looking to prove a point, but people typically aren’t stoked about their metrics (which is why they’re seeking my help in the first place) and feel like they need to justify.

So they say something to the effect of, “…and I also have 2,000 likes on FaceBook!”…

Or, “I DO have 54.9K followers on Twitter…”

Usually I’m impressed by this (honestly). But then reality quickly sets in and I blurt out something to the effect of “so what?”.

Diving deeper, they’ve been focused heavily on their social media following (because they see other people looking cool on it, and then go off buying a course some “expert” sold them to help them look like The Fonz), and realize they missed the boat when it comes to being able to sell anything…

Which having a list actually accomplishes.

And that’s why I shy away from anyone selling me on the idea that I should spread myself even thinner to use the latest and greatest platform because “it’s growing”, or “everyone else is on it”.

When I do take advice, it’s from people who know what they’re talking about, and leverage social media not to build a following, but to find people and send them to their email list…

Where they can then sell them their books, courses, products, and services.

There’s a small group of people in the industry with this mindset… but few and far.

In fact, a group of them are getting together to create a master class on how to use social media so that you can sell more of your stuff.

… which is why I’m on my way to San Francisco.

(we’re in the air now, BTW)

I was invited by my friend (and host), Sue B. Zimmerman (who’s already schooled me on ways to grow my email list with Instagram, which will result in tons of traffic to my landing pages, new list subscribers, and ultimately sales) to be in-studio during the filming and live broadcast put on by Creative Live.

And the folks she’s bringing with her are to be reckoned with when it comes to actually selling more with social media.

Why should this matter to you?

Because I’m not the only one who gets in on the fun.

(what, you thought I’d leave you out?)

You can get access to the course, Sue’s treasure trove of experience with Instagram, and her team of A-players — for free.

One catch:

You have to be there live.

And class starts tomorrow.

So head over to the link below and get signed up:

Jeremy Montoya

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