Simon Cowell and Oprah walk into a bar…

In high school, one of my favorite teachers would get into shouting matches with students (and their parents).

Kids who would peep up while he was in the middle of a rant would oftentimes get kicked out of class.

Day in and day out, he’d sit in front of the class, often talking about controversial issues.

He had a “no holds barred” kind of attitude where he never held anything back – no matter what.

Maybe he’d hear you out on your opinion, but he’d rarely budge on his.

Think back to your favorite high school teacher.

Which one came to mind first?

For me, it’s my graphic arts teacher.

(described above)

At the same time (and to the opposite end), my math teacher comes to mind.

She was the sweetest thing.

I recall a few times where kids got into shouting and cursing matches with each other and by the end of class she somehow managed to set balance back to the Universe.

It’s often the people at opposite sides of the spectrum who stick out the most in our minds.

Same in pop-culture.

Think back to American Idol…

People hated Simon Cowell.

But couldn’t wait to hear his input when it came to his turn.

Or, people like Oprah…

Who lead with love in everything they do.

(I could go on and on with examples)

The fact of the matter is that it’s the people who draw a clear line in the sand are the ones that get our attention…

And, alternatively, those who sit in the middle… never get noticed.

Too many people are scared to put their foot on the ground and own their viewpoint.

Too scared to piss people off.

Too scared to get unsubscribers from their list.

And, too scared to be the person who may be disliked for one reason or another.

Whatever it is, you have to realize that the people who get remembered are usually ones who fall on opposite ends of the spectrum.

I’m currently reading “DotCom Secrets”, by Russell Brunson (an incredible marketing read for those who truly enjoy the art of persuasion and ethical selling), and it made me think of these polarizing characters and the impact they make on your marketing message.

If that’s the kind of stuff you dig, I highly recommend grabbing a copy for yourself that you can hold and underline – like I am.

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