List-building secrets from a politician

Every year around this time, the TV is non-stop with election ads…

And my mailbox is full of wasted paper trashing the other politicians while trying to get me to “vote for you”.

Yeah, tough luck.

In a world where everyone is doing the same thing, it only takes a small (but bold) action to stand out.

For instance…

I remember sitting in my parents living room when I was younger, and at around 7 PM on a weekday we got a knock on the door.

It was a familiar face (I think the guys daughter played softball with my sister) and he seemed to be making his rounds through the neighborhood.

After my parents invited him in and they caught up with each other, he explained that he was running for mayor.

At the time, he had a tight budget and worked a full-time job. But in his little spare time he hoofed it on foot around the city knocking door-to-door to build relationships to show why they should vote for him.

He could’ve spent what little money he did have to send out direct mail pieces.

Or, he could’ve borrowed money to run a TV ad.

This reminds me of most people trying to build an email list these days.

They see their favorite blogger using some tool so the *have * to buy it, too.

Or, better yet, they try running ads on Facebook with little-to-no success because they don’t even know who their target audience is.

(they just target the pages of their favorite bloggers and podcasters, who they secretly envy because of their success)

When, instead, they should be “running for mayor”, and being self-aware enough to know their role.

I’ll explain…

List-building looks extremely complicated because most people aren’t at the stage where they can get email subscribers by the boat-load.

Instead, your time would be better spent shaking hands, sending individual messages, and meeting with your network to eventually pop the “magical question”.


Stop getting stuck trying to pick between MailChimp and Aweber…

… stop looking at the “big names” in your space and wondering why you “don’t have it all”, yet.

And please…

For the love of god…

Be bold and start leveraging one on one relationships to get your list off the ground.

If you want to build a strong list, (and actually send out emails your subscribers look forward to) you HAVE to run for mayor.

Holler back if you agree.

… better yet if you don’t ;)

Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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