Who likes “thinking”, anyway?

A good friend came to me the other day with a problem…

He had just stepped off stage at an event that had the exact target market he’s going after in his raw foods biz.

Being around me, he understands the importance of building an email list for his business…

But hasn’t gotten around to building it.

After telling me more, he said that he tried figuring out how to collect emails from attendees, but got stuck thinking about the tech and just said “forget it”.


My advice: keep it simple.

Get out a piece of paper and have those folks fill that baby out!

It’s no different when you’re a podcaster, speaker, or author…

Most people get started going from site to site trying to figure out what tools their favorite blogger uses…

… wondering what they should sign up for…

… and then wind up taking no action.

Simplicity – whether you’re just getting started with building your list, or are a seasoned pro – is critical.

Josh Earl reminded me of this recently when he announced his Thrive Themes giveaway.

If you don’t know Josh, he’s a direct response copy writer helping businesses sell more by using the right words.

He also keeps things simple.

He has me considering Thrive Themes for a couple of my clients – because it takes the thinking out of building an email list.

(plus, who likes thinking these days?…)

Any who, Josh is giving away a year subscription to anyone who enters.

If you *think* list-building is important and want to keep it simple, throw your name in the hat and share before it’s over.


Stay hungry,

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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