The “I’m fine” type

Restaurants, significant others, and auto-mechanics are especially great about this (meaning, terrible):

Setting the expectation.

Here’s what I’m getting at…

People often think they know what they want, but typically need something completely different.

They lead by saying one thing, but mean another.

Some examples, you ask?…

“your car will be ready in 1 hour…”

“the wait will be about 15 minutes…”

Or, my favorite:

“I’m fine.”

Instead of just being upfront and honest with what to expect, or what you need to know… it’s somehow easier for most people just to lie or come up with something on the spot.

It’s no different with list-building.

You can smell it.

You subscribe to someone’s website and they go on about their “weekly newsletter”… And then say, “oh ya, check out my course” or “I’d love to talk with you for free for 30 minutes.”

Instead of:

  • Here’s how I can help you.
  • You’re doing this wrong.
  • This is what you NEED.
  • This is who I serve.

You HAVE to be proud in what you do.

Confident in what you offer.

And offer it, strongly, to those who desperately need it.

My friend Joe Polish always tells me something to the effect of…

“You’ll be doing your market a disservice by NOT making them a relevant offer that would solve their pain and problems.”

Are you setting the right expectation with your marketing?…

Are you attracting the right people to your business?…

Are your offers converting traffic to buyers and customers?…

Reply now and let me know.

Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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