Getting “big names” to share your show on social media

I was sitting with a new friend at a local coffee shop earlier to hear more about his podcast when he divulged:

“How do you get big-name guests to share their interview after they’re on my show? Let alone mail about it???”

After all, I’ve gotten people like Peter Shankman to not only be on my show or Periscope broadcasts, but to also share my interviews with them to their entire audience.

Here’s what I’ve realized…

Yes, getting “big names” to share your podcast on Twitter will get some eyes and ears to it…

But is that the best thing for you and your business at the end of the day?


If there was a “best thing” for them to do, what would it be?

Let’s think about it…

When someone shares via social media, you may get a few clicks. But if you really want to grow, you’ll need “spikes” of traffic if you want to get anywhere in a decent amount of time.

What if they share via email?

Well, for starters, the inbox is a place that has much less noise and competition for attention than social media. And, when someone is subscribed to an email list, chances are much higher they’ll actually see the message and be more likely to click through to your show (or landing page, product, etc.).

So it comes down to getting them to share, yes. But in the most effective way.

… which is (still) hands down via email.

(Email has close to three times as many user accounts as Facebook and Twitter. That’s 2.9 billion. – Kiss Metrics)

So here’s what I told my friend to do:

  1. Don’t rely on guests sharing on social media (too many do this and end up sad when it doesn’t happen – which is more often than most will admit)
  2. Get featured in the places where your target audience is already hanging out
  3. Before your interview, offer the show host a pitch-free workshop for their audience (to help deepen their credibility and relationship with their audience)
  4. Do all the work (writing promo emails, landing pages, slides, etc.) and collect the registration leads (offer to share this list if needed since you’ll also offer to send it to your list)
  5. Make them look good by over-delivering valuable content their audience will love
  6. Say “screw it” to worrying about social media for growing your podcast and business

At the end of the day, you have to know what’s most important to your business…

For most (dare I say all), the answer is revenue, followed closely by email (which makes revenue possible).

You be the judge :)

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Jeremy Montoya

Me + Your Inbox = Pure passion.

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  • Antre Lewis

    Jeremy great post…makes perfect sense. Getting a lot of great nuggets from you. Also, I’m listening to Ep8 on my PC…u said message u if we were. Also, would love to speak with you on my podcast. Biz Underdog To Topdog

    Check us out and shoot me an email at

    • Glad you’re liking @antrelewis:disqus.

      Hell ya let’s do it.

      (You had Guy Fieri on?! That’s rad.)

      • Antre Lewis

        Awesome!! Can you shoot me an email with your contact info and we can connect and get scheduled? Excited to have you! You’re killing it with amazing marketing and list building/ growth info. Just started implementing the Take Home Technique!