Hotspot to hotspot, course to course

Real talk:

I have a friend who relies on her iPhone GPS everywhere she goes.

(even the places she visits constantly… like… home)

Well, her phone service got cancelled a few weeks back so she’s been wandering hotspot to hotspot as she drives around to reload the map on her iPhone.

… she gets to her end destination…

But at that point she’s late, tired, and has wasted a ton of time she’ll never be able to get back.

(you’d think she’d just buy a map, no?)

Unfortunately, the same thing happens to people when it comes to starting an online business.

The other day I was invited by Joshua Smith to be in-studio for an interview on his show “GSD Mode” (get shi*t done) to talk about email marketing and how I’ve created my business online.

(If you’re not familiar, Joshua is like the Gary V. of the real estate niche)

We went into detail about how you can tell if you’re taking the right (or wrong) steps in your business when it comes to your email list (and if it’s even the right time for you to be building a list at all), and how you should handle unsubscribers.

The reality is that most online entrepreneurs start their journey going from course to course, from guru to guru, not actually taking action on what’s going to drive their business in the right direction…

Having a roadmap.

Anyway, you can hear more about this in the interview on GSDMode.

Listen to it here.

Jeremy Montoya

PS – I’m taking things a level higher in my business by planning out my roadmap for 2016…


I’m factoring in a lot more time (and strategy) for what I’ve been getting asked more and more for: helping you personally create the business and life you deserve.

If you want to start a business online, or transition from not making money or loads of clients, to automating sales of your products and services through having an email list, then hit reply now.

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