What’s Up? I’m Jeremy.

Host of The Montoya Experiment, Entrepreneur, & Smoothie Sommelier.

In 2011, my first “legit” business launched in the clothing brand arena after 21+ years of selling pokèmon cards, fireworks and other exciting treats, grip tapping skateboards, stringing lacrosse sticks, and finding pretty much any other way to get more of whatever I was selling.

As you can imagine, I learned a ton.

By 2012 I saw the how I could combine the impact of social media while leveraging the oncoming resurgence of podcasting to build a community of others who were just as crazy and motivated as I am.

I’ve now worked with countless entrepreneurs, all-star employees, and companies in a range of industries to take the concepts that have worked for me and apply them in more wild ways than I could on my own.

In 2014, after already testing and failing a few times with podcasts and one-off websites, I was ready to make my staple and launched The Montoya Experiment – an ever-evolving show featuring mind-opening conversations and concepts as well as off-the-cuff wisdom and insights to help you test the boundaries in your life.

When I’m not in the laboratory testing my entrepreneurial hypothesis’, I’m enjoying a Sunday ballgame with my family and friends or whipping up a delicious fruit and greens blended concoction.

Current Projects

Caution: Mind Expansive Material™

The Montoya Experiment

A project that once started out as small video on YouTube has evolved (and is evolving) into into something much more.

This show is for people who challenge every aspect of their existence and live outside of the box.

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