3 questions you need to ask your list, potential clients, and future customers

In my last note to you we talked about getting your target audience in front of you…

… because you need attention before you can ever make a sale.


now let’s talk about a few answers you need to get from the people in front of you.

(whether it’s subscribers on your list, attendees to a webinar, or a client-to-contractor scenario)

To sell products online (like courses and guides)

and services (like coaching and done-for-you),

you have to know where you want the conversation to head…

Which should ideally be to a sale.

For starters,

always aim to sell to the “converted”.


Your prospects are aware of their problems and actively looking for a solution.

This helps you avoid coming off as “salesy” or “scammy”.

That said,

Here are 3 (of many) questions you’ll need to get to the bottom of with your email subscribers and prospects:

1 . “What’s your number 1 goal?”

Knowing what your list is after helps you cater the conversation to your as needed.

By asking this question,

you’ll hear how your market describes their problem so that you can share how your solution impacts the outcome they’re wanting.

I recommending asking as early as possible in any interaction to avoid wasiting time on the wrong prospects.

So, if someone isn’t interested in something you offer, you can switch gears sooner.

(saving years of time over a long period – the most important commodity in the long run)

Let’s move onto the second question.

2. “What have you tried already?”

Let’s say you’ve had a great conversation with a new potential customer.

Everything is going smooth until…

… you describe your product.

Then you hear, “but I’ve already tried that…”

No you’re defending your product.

This is no mans land, so ask the question up front.

Third Q…

3. How soon are you trying to solve this problem?

This question does a few things for you.

First, it helps you know if your prospect is looking to have their problem solved soon.

Second, it’s helps you understand how important solving this problem is to them.

Yes, there are many more questions and aspects you need to consider.

But that’s enough for today.


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