267 opt-ins. 1 podcast episode. Here’s what Lewis Howes did.

I get it…

You’re already aware that the key to succeeding with your podcast is building your email list.

And you KNOW that if you want to make build your list, you have to make it simple, irresistible, and valuable to get opt-ins.

But for some reason, you just haven’t taken action on it…

In today’s case-study, you’re going to to find:

  • How one top-ranked podcaster turned 100’s of podcast listeners into email list subscribers
  • What caused one episode to out-perform all others
  • How to get passive podcast listeners to become engaged email list subscribers

Before and after using text-calls-to-action

If there is one thing that hold people back from using The Take Home Technique to grow their email list is this:

How to get creative with the upgrade.

Should I do a checklist?

How long does the upgrade need to be?

Do people even like PDF’s?

The list goes on.

Lewis Howes had the same objections with this, and came up with some crazy ideas after brainstorming with his A-Team.

What’d he come up with?

… Well, these days everyone wants a piece of Lewis.

Between his show, courses, the School of Greatness Academy, and this thing we call ‘life’ he’s pretty strapped for time.

And that’s where the genius broke out.

Instead of offering the same ’ol thing, Lewis decided to deliver on exactly what his audience was looking for:


So he recorded an extra 5 minutes of content as an incentive for joining his list.

The results?

One episode saw just over 100 opt-ins, and the other saw almost 90.

(both of which are still growing. Daily.)

And that’s when he switched things up.

If you’ve ever listened to The School of Greatness, then you know how energized his show is thanks to Lewis’s attitude and some crazy mind-thumping background music.

His audience, ‘Greats’, love it.

So instead of giving them an extra few minutes, he gave away his private SoundCloud playlist filled with beats that he’s featured on the show.

Here’s how it compared to the previous two episodes:

Third time's the charm.

Pure magic.

So, you’re probably wondering…

“What does this mean for me and my show???”

And that’s why I’ve prepared today’s take-away to help you with just that.

In today’s download, you’ll learn:

  • An exercise for discovering unique ways YOU can build your email list during your next podcast
  • A checklist that will help you make sure your upgrades are irresistible
  • Examples for how to make your upgrade truly unique (and practically impossible for your audience NOT to opt-in)
  • 5 ways you can start using upgrades in your next podcast episode (if you’re still waiting to implement, now’s your chance)

Download it here.

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