1 fish, 2 fish, 3 fish, more.

I live by a basic rule online – it’s this:

To grow an audience, go where they already are.


You could spend all day at the lake fishing and not catch a single flounder…


you could wait for feeding time

(and feeding season)

hang out with some bait,

and be full all winter.

One approach might catch you some fish

and the other will have you running into issues of having too many fish.

Which problem do you want?

When you approach your list-building like this you’ll be able to quickly eliminate strategies that won’t yield lost of subscribers and focus on the ones that do.

One of the quickest ways you can build your list:

Learn from the people who came before you.

Lucky for you List Building School is now in session.

My homie Navid brought together everyone and their mother who’s been killing it with their list.

You can be the hard-headed fisherman who tosses his lure into anything with water in it…

… or you can be the smart fisherman and choose the wisest approach.

The latter awaits you here:

List Building School

Jeremy Montoya


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