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[ Video ] – Launching Your Business, Project, or Career To New Heights

Ever started a project you were pumped about?

Or… Wanted to land that new job?

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, if you start the wrong way – YOU’RE DOOMED.

If you’re wanting to launch your project, business, podcast, or career the right way, then today’s video was created for you.

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Stop Planning. Start Experimenting.
Announcing The Montoya Experiment

I feel like The Beaver lately with how many errors I’ve been making.

A timeout is almost in order.

But I’m realizing something cool start to happen after each mistake…

I learn.

And that learning has begun showing me how some of the planning I’ve done in the past has slowed me down when I could have been just taking action.

What are my plans with all of the learning I’ve done?

Putting The Lab Coat & Goggles On

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Experiment 1:
How To Think Like A Banker.
Interview with Dawn Fotopulos

I’m not one of those people that gets amped up about diving into a spreadsheet.

But talking about money?

I can do that alllll day.

Seriously though.

In order for your business to function correctly, the numbers need to add up.

What’s the first step in understanding what numbers matter most to your business?

You have to understand the lingo, know what doesn’t matter, and then understand the data.

Who better to walk us through it together than the author of Accounting For The Numberphobic, Dawn Fotopulos.

Watch this video to find out more…

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Being True To Yourself

Something has kept me up for the past few nights…

You see, I started experimenting with posting videos to YouTube a few months ago and it lead me to create This Is Life TV.

I loved it because it felt natural, and the feeling of it took me back to my high school days in video production.

Everything felt ironed out in terms of my direction, but I’m going to keep the lab cote on and doing my Bill Nye.

Watch this video to see what I mean.

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